Acid rain

Acid rain

The Long-Term Monitoring LTM Network measures and monitors surface water chemistry at over sites to provide valuable information on aquatic ecosystem health and how water bodies respond to changes in acid-causing emissions and acid deposition. As acid rain falls on a forest it trickles through the leaves of the trees and runs down into the soil below. Bitter controversy At its worst, acid rain stripped forests bare in Europe , wiped lakes clear of life in parts of Canada and the US , and harmed human health and crops in China where the problem persists. Lab studies had suggested a pH of 5. Part way through the season, the crew reported that they were running out of acid. It was in southern Scandinavia in the late 's that the problems of acid rain were first observed and it was then that people began to realise that the origins of this pollution were far away in Britain and Northern Europe. That is why forests and lakes in the countryside can be harmed by acid rain that originates in cities. Acid rain runs off the land and ends up in streams, lakes and marshes - the rain also falls directly on these areas. Some species can tolerate acidic waters better than others. But for climate change, the challenge is broader and solutions must be global. Also, each person can do their part by reducing their vehicle use. Planet Earth Shares Dead trees line a riverbank near Norilsk, Russia, formerly a major industrial center in Siberia, and one of the most polluted cities in the world, according to National Geographic. Acid rain leaches aluminum from the soil. And when it takes the form of inhalable fog, acid precipitation can cause health problems including eye irritation and asthma. This weathering process, over hundreds of millions of years, turned the Appalachian Mountains from towering peaks as high as the Rockies to the rounded knobs we see today.

It can additionally deteriorate limestone and marble buildings and monuments, like gravestones. Lake trout stopped reproducing not because they were toxified by the acid, but because they were starving to death - David Schindler Freshwater microbiologist Carol Kelly arrived at ELA in just as acid rain experiments got underway.

It remains only on protected surfaces that are not directly washed by the rain.

acid rain causes

View image of A city scape showing an industrial plant Over seven years beginning inthey lowered the pH of one lake, numberfrom 6.

Lab studies had suggested a pH of 5. A paper released in the online version of the journal of Environmental Science and Technology in showed evidence of acid rain stunting tree growth. Until relatively recently air pollution has been seen as a local issue.

Now, acid rain is not pure acid falling from the sky, but rather it is rainfall or atmospheric moisture that has been mixed with elements and gases that have caused the moisture to become more acidic than normal. The biggest sources are coal-burning power plantsfactories, and automobiles.

China is implementing controls for sulfur dioxide emissions, which have fallen 75 percent since —but India's have increased by half.

The volunteers collected samples, checked for acidity, and reported back to the organization.

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Acid rain facts and information