A discussion about the factors that led the united states to go to war against spain

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In the election ofBryan hoped to run against McKinley on an anti-Imperialist platform, and by passing the treaty, he hoped to associate the Republicans with Imperialism. But the U-S government had another idea.

A discussion about the factors that led the united states to go to war against spain

Soon, controversy ensued both in the American political arena as well as among its citizens. It gradually accumulated more land, because of the inclusion of burials from abandoned forts around the western U. Was this an aberration or the beginning of a new trend? Spain, however, still refused to concede independence, which McKinley evidently now considered indispensable for restoration of peace and order in Cuba. The Cuban Nationalists moved against Spain partly because they thought the US was likely to aid them. Others think that America really continued to have a kind of "informal colonial" influence throughout the twentieth century. It would be the first overseas conflict fought by the U. These stories would boost sales, something very important in this period, when newspapers and magazines were battling for circulation numbers. It had not readied its army or navy for war with the United States, nor had it warned the Spanish public of the necessity of relinquishing Cuba. Throughout its history, America had always been expansionistic, but it had always limited itself to the North American continent. To this day, the real reason for the explosion of the Maine remains a mystery. Their quest was described as a "splendid little war" by Secretary of State John Hay. Pursue Imperialism The US begun to close the frontier which increased fears that the resources the country had were dwindling. The reason involves Mahan's theories.

Their quest was described as a "splendid little war" by Secretary of State John Hay. Spain would end the reconcentration policy.

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Other recent studies, by the Smithsonian and National Geographic, have suggested other possibilities. As soon as conflicts erupted in Spain, the yellow presses knew they had a story. The Philippines, they said, had a population of 7 million people, which was a sizeable new market for American manufactured goods.

The American annexation of the Philippines in order to "Christianize" the Filipinos seems to make little sense, since the Filipinos were almost entirely Catholic, and had been for centuries.

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The hospital was designated a U. Hard times in Cuba led to public unrest and conflict with the Spanish regime. The surrender of Cuba might mean the overthrow of the government or even the monarchy. Many different ideas were surfacing about issues that affected the country as a whole. For a time in , an Army General Field Hospital was established in some of the barracks after soldiers became ill in the damp conditions at Camp Merritt, a tent encampment for volunteers near the Arguello Gate. Their quest was described as a "splendid little war" by Secretary of State John Hay. Redfield Proctor of Vermont , who had just returned from a tour of Cuba. Once called Camp Miller, it split into two separate camps geographically separated by a low ridge: Merriam, or the East Cantonment on the eastern border of the post; and Tennessee Hollow, or the West Cantonment, at this site. Publisher William Randolph Hearst brought the gun to San Francisco by the time of the earthquake and the Army acquired it in to exhibit at the Presidio. Shafter, the commander of the forces in Cuba, are buried here. The depression drove businessmen to look overseas for new markets. But the U-S government had another idea.

Many people just assumed that the Filipinos were all "heathens". Even many of the officers were entertained by the Spanish and thoughts of going home were in the air.

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